Wednesday, April 6, 2011

kite flying

KITE flying. Our first family kite flying and it was a BLAST. Arizona doesn't give you too many perfect kite flying days so when the weather was perfect we took it and it was a great windy day, perfect for flying.

Jaxon became a PROTroy tried but after a few let go of the sting because he liked to see his parents chase after it he was under supervision! Even Bronco had his turn. We put the hook on his collar and bronco walked around flying the kite! what a great dog.

so i think i have become the worst blogger i haven't done anything and so much has happened i don't even remember what all has happened but here are a few pics.

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Becky Smith said...

looks like a ton of fun! What a cute family! Thank you so much (again) for making the jewelry for Katie! To say she LOVES them would be an understatement. You are officially the best aunt ever!