Friday, April 23, 2010


whats up

So i haven't even posted Troys first birthday pictures yet!!! I am soo slacking mostly because we moved, Finally, after a year of looking and a couple moves into rentals we finally purchased our HOME!! We ended up in Queen Creek along with my brother Brian and only 5 houses, AGAIN ONLY 5 houses down from some of the coolest people ever bretts brother Mark and Leslie!!! We love our new home and of course our plans are endless. We want to do so much, but like all great things in life it takes time. so our home is a mess with boxes everywhere and rooms half painted but the pool fence is done so now the kiddos can go out and play in the side yard of rocks yay so much fun!! I forgot to take pictures of the before so you will just have to wait for the final look witch might take a while but it wll be great! We love our home! The kids love it and we can't wait for our many family memories and fun traditions to take place.

Thursday, April 1, 2010