Thursday, March 24, 2011

boys = trouble

So my sister, Lynnae, and i were hanging out at my house having some crafting fun when we decided to go check on the kiddos to find troy has found the petroleum jelly!!!! NOT FUN. i should have taken a pictures of before we washed it but after threes washes we decided we needed to do some research on how to get this stuff out. Lynnae researched and we found a lot of recommendations.
*baby powder
*dish soap
*bar of soap
*baby oil
*cut it off
Well after trying everything but baby oil and cutting it off I decided that i would get baby oil tomorrow!!! My poor kid was so sick of being in the tub and getting his hair scrubbed to death that i decided i would have to take a break. these pictures are what his hair still looked like after we tried everything. You should have felt his hair even after trying to get it out. soo gross.

Scary huh. it was still very much NOT out! well lynnae went home and the next day i borrowed some baby oil from leslie. i rubbed it in washed it out and it got a lot of it out. then i just washed every day for a couple more days and it was gone. At least i didn't have to buzz it off

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Arnett's said...

Gross!!! I'm glad baby oil helped!