Wednesday, February 25, 2009

4 years

Engaged to the love of my life Jan 05
Married the perfect man Today 4 years ago!

Expecting our first little boy
Had the cutest little boy named Jaxon in May 07

Now expecting little baby boy number two!
What a wonderful 4 years it has been!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jaxons Room

So we have been getting ready for the baby so i haven't taken any pictures lately. I am not much of a writer but I thought I would let you know how things are going. we are getting Jaxons room ready moving all our junk out of the junk room to spots we really have no room for! My salon has now become my everything, sewing and project room. Brett has been very busy with work and paramedic school that every little time he gets he works on jaxons room hoping it will be done before the baby!! We started painting jaxons room while he was sleeping. When he woke up the next morning he went into what will be his new big boy bedroom and just stared at the wall going uh oh uh oh! It was so cute. Now jaxon enjoys sitting in a chair and watching daddy work on his room!
We are really excited for our little boy and can't believe how close we are getting! I am so ready to get this baby out I am so big and uncomfortable but not ready for sleepless nights and two stinky bums to change! You just can't win but it will so be worth it for jaxon to have a buddy!
I don't know what it was about jaxon but I couldn't wait for him to get older! I think with this baby I hope it goes slower because I am really looking forward to the baby stage again I didn't realize how much easier it is with a baby. I am just cleaning up one mess after the other with jaxon. Chasing him so he doesn't run from me, trying to get him to be quiet at church! Its tough!