Monday, December 27, 2010


So just another ordinary day, i thought, brett comes home from work the boys run to hug their daddy. Then he comes and hugs me for like 2 min, i should of known he was up to something but i just thought he really missed me so i just soaked it up and huged him for as long as he permitted. The boys the whole time when dad was home was very interested in his work bag but agian i just thought he brought them home some candy, and they were just so excited for it. So after my hug i went back to straightening the kitchen. so trisha realized the boys were up to something so she walked over to them and screamed " OH ITS A PUPPY!" i stopped what i was doing went over and there he was so cute, little, and just perfect. The new addition to our family!
So it was trisha's wonderful idea to name him Bronco after the movie Gentlemens Bronco's.

We set him next to a soda to see how tiny he was!

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Chimera said...

SO cute! They got you without a fight whatsoever!!