Thursday, June 24, 2010

picking peaches

Troy loved picking peaches. He wasn't sure about eating them... until he tasted one and he didn't stop eating them!

Grammy came too and we had lots of fun riding the train

Even though it was really HOT we had so much fun picking peaches and riding the train can't wait tell next year!


Rebecca Smith said...

Super cute pictures! I miss you! We should chat on the phone soon! Your boys are so cute! Okay that was a lot of mis matched thoughts but I am sure you will forgive me! love ya!

Autumn said...

Ok that is too funny! Then you must know Katie(Laymon). She was in our ward in Marana, and when she found out where we were moving she was so excited! She said she grew up there for the first 15 plus years of her life. It's funny how many people have a connection with this area over here. But needless to say we are absolutely loving it over here!
Love the peach pictures! I miss them!

Chimera said...

You are so good about taking pictures! Absolutely darling!