Monday, February 25, 2008

Are Yuma Trip

Going to jail!
My mug shot

This is were the prisoners that acted up in jail went to spend a night or two!
It was really scary and DARK!

We went to Yuma and saw Grandma and Grandpa. We also took a tour of the yuma prison! We had lots of fun!


Morgan and Lauren said...

yay!! a new post!! looks like you guys had fun! now i guess i should probably update my blog too...i'll get those pics of Mnt. Ord up asap i took some pretty cool ones of your truck :)ya i'll work on that

Laura said...

You guys make prison look so fun!

Lacy Breck said...

WOW! Scary pics! Even though you have a model mug shot! Nice!

devNnic said...

Hey! It looks like it took you just as long to update as it did me! I can't wait for our date! I miss you!! Love ya!