Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We started to feed Jaxon
He was a little messy

In the end he did really good!!
yummy yummy in his tummy


Mark and Leslie said...

what a cutie! He has changed so much! Hes getting big!

Katie and Kendall said...

How cute! Is that a bumbo chair he is sitting in? Aren't they the greatest, Olivia loved hers! I'm sad we can't come to your office party tonight because kendall has school. Thanks for the invite though! Oh by the way we use that stapler you guys gave us in the jello at the AAA christmas party. I laugh every time i staple a paper.

devNnic said...

Jaxon is adorable eating his food! I love the picture that is captioned "He was a little messy." Devon has the last three weekends of October for clinicals at Chandler Regional Hospital. So he will be down Friday and Saturday, and I want to come down at least one of the times. Maybe we'll crash with you and the boys.

tiffany knox said...

I don't know emily so its a little unfair but jaxon looks so much like you brett!!! he's very cute.
It's always fun seeing their faces adjust to food. You are a cute family. how did you two meet?

Porter Family said...

Wow! What a big boy now, real food! He is adorable!

Becky Smith said...

WOW!! Emily I can't believe how big Jaxon is getting! He is one cute little boy though I can't wait to meet him!