Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Going Swimming

Grandma, Grandpa Smith, Aunt Trisha and Dara came to visit us in Arizona. For FHE we went to the pool too cool off from the HOT sun. Jaxon enjoyed his first time at the pool.

Grandpa and Jaxon chilling in the water!

Grandma and Jaxon.


Kolter & Lindsey said...

Very cute pics!!!!
Brett, Kolter says "REGULATORS!" - You guys are freaks. (You and Kolter.)

Kim, Max, Tillman. Easton, &Brinlee said...

congrats on your adorable baby!

MEvans said...

Emily you look way too cute in that swim suit. Don't you know you just had a baby!

Laura Smith said...

Ok Emily looks fantastic! And those are the smallest swim trunks I've ever seen (on Jaxson)! He is so cute! Dont worry Brett we are even no hard feelings...you see I was pregnant that day that we hung out after Brian and Celindas thing and we talked about having kids (not you and I, Brett dont be sick) and I told you I didn't know when it would be....I've felt so guilty ever since......I wanted to tell you I promise..... :)

Morgan and Lauren said...

hey! i used to work with lindsey at a dentist office around the time she got engaged and married before she moved away and i know cj (kolters brother) from high school. also, cj married morgans first cousin lisa. i love lindsey she's definately one of my favorite people!